About Me

A graduate of the Marin Humane Society Canine Behavior Academy in California, and lover of dogs, I have been walking dogs professionally for several years. Unlike some walkers, I don’t just take your dogs for a walk, but interact with them in a way that engages their unique personalities, through play and socialization with other dogs.

As a dog lover, I genuinely appreciate watching my dogs enjoying themselves off-leash, outdoors in a natural setting. Whether it’s taking a dip in the creek, chasing a ball, or just socializing in their own doggy way, each member of the pack brings his own brand of joy to the day. Working one-on-one, such as in a training session or private walk, allows me to really get to know your dog and what makes her happy. Like humans, no two dogs are alike and deserve personalized attention tailored to them. It is this personalized attention that helps them become more obedient and loving members of your family.

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